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Necessities to Run a Successful Soccer Practice

To function as teammates and opponents, Take into consideration, the number at practice , age,  and skill level. Weaker Players: -Work with ball -Large field -Less opponents Stronger Players:  -With/without ball                        -Smaller field       -More opponents Final Notes: Thank you for taking the time to read this and Sharing with your soccer community. Please send … Continued

An Anology for Youth Soccer Players

…Would children become proficient at playing a computer game if…   …an adult decided for them which game they would enjoy playing the most?   …they were given a ‘new’ game to play each time they sat down at the computer?   …they had to read the manual and know all the applicable rules before … Continued

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Youth Soccer Teaching Tips: What We Need To Teach In Defending!

Train Toward:  ALL players becoming immediate Defenders when our team losses ball possession!   FIVE HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE DEFENDING PLAYERS FUNdamental SOCCER THEMES…   Five R’s for DEFENDING TECHNIQUES 1.  Read the Game (Glance) 2.  Run to Defend  (1st Block the Goal then Pressure the Ball) 3.  Ready Stance (Sideways-on 4.  Reject Advancement (Delay) … Continued

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Train toward: ALL players becoming immediate Attackers when team gains ball possession!   FIVE HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE ATTACKING PLAYERS FUNdamental SOCCER THEMES…               Five R’s for Attacking Techniques 1.  Read the Game (Glance) 2.  Run to Attack       (Move) 3.  Receive the ball  (1st Touch) 4.  Retain the ball   (Dribble) 5.  Release the ball … Continued

Soccer Training Solo Tips: Juggling & Passing

Q.  I train a lot by myself and I like to get tips and training methods, so that I can develop into a ‘great’ soccer player.  Bill H. FUNdamental Response First, Bill, you are not alone when you train to become a ‘great’ soccer player. You have a ball and you must make that ball … Continued

What Carew Does With a Football

“What Carew does with a football, I can do with an orange.” – Answering to criticism from John Carew that Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s moves are pointless. (VG, April 2002).